Feminism Reading List

Pdfs/epubs of most of these books can be found on b-ok

Feminist Theory

For newcomers to feminism:

  • Finlayson, Lorna – An Introduction to Feminism
  • Hooks, Bell – Feminism is For Everybody
  • Hooks, Bell – Ain’t I A Woman: Black Women and Feminism

For people who know their feminist basics:

  • Young, Iris – On Female Body Experience: “Throwing Like A Girl” and Other Essays
  • Walby,¬† Slyvia – Theorizing Patriarchy

Feminism & Men



  • Vogel, Lise – Marxism & The Oppression of Women
  • Brown, Heather – Marx on Gender & The Family (for summary see)
  • Federici, Silvia – Caliban & The Witch: Women, the Body & Primitive Accumulation
  • Federici, Silvia – Revolution At Point Zero