Anarcho-Capitalism and Child Sex Slaves

Natural Rights Anarcho-capitalism is one of the few 21st century political philosophies which justifies child sex slavery. The reason is as follows:

If an individual has the right to self-ownership, that is if they are sufficiently rational in some vague sense to be aware of their self-ownership, then they can make any voluntary contract they choose. One such contract is voluntary slavery and another is sex. Thus if a child develops self-ownership they can now become voluntary slaves and engage in voluntary sex with any other self-owner. It seems reasonable to assume that most 12 year olds would meet this very vague criteria, therefore a 12 year old can become the slave of someone else and engage in voluntary sex.

Now imagine that a 12 year old is very poor and her family is in a huge amount of debt which they cannot pay back. Luckily for her a benevolent 30 year old capitalist offers her a deal. He says “Sign this contract, in which you will become my slave and I have the right to have sex with you, and in exchange I will pay off your family’s debt. “The child agrees because if she does not both her and her family are likely to become homeless and possibly starve to death or die of illness. The child is now a sex slave and all this is morally permissible according to anarcho-capitalist ethics because no property rights have been violated. To put this into anarcho-capitalist language, child sex slavery is just  another voluntary and mutually beneficial contract, and what could be wrong with that? Aside from it violating human dignity and autonomy that is…