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Anarchism and Love
August Reinsdorf – The Unsuccessful Anarchist Terrorist
Before Black Flame: A History of Historicist Accounts of Anarchism
Bakunin and the Creative Passion to Destroy
Kropotkin’s Definition of Anarchism
Interesting Ideas: Chris Dixon on Prefigurative Movements
Osugi Sakae and Little Acts of Resistance
What Do Anarchists Think About Animal Liberation?
What Do Anarchists Think About Violence?
We Need To Improve Anarchist Propaganda

Forgotten Radicals

Forgotten Radicals: The Anarcha-Feminists of Women’s Voice


The Left and the Politics of Writing Style
Despair and Being Nice to Other Leftists
3 Reasons Why Radical Education Matters
What Nietzsche Taught Me About Definitions 

Identity Politics

Abolishing Capitalism Won’t Abolish Patriarchy
Call Out Culture & Making Mistakes
Despair and Being a Feminist
Feels Matter
Gender Abolition?
‘Identity Politics Divides the Left’ – A Response
I’m a Trans Woman
“I’m Not Sexist” – A Response
Social Justice & Not Making Assumptions
The Left Before Identity Politics: Daniel Guerin and Homophobia 
We Must Bring Socialism to Identity Politics
What Is Identity Politics?
What It’s Like to be A Misogynist
Why Socialists Care About Non-Economic Issues


Marx Believed in Human Nature
Marx and Engels Were Not Egalitarians
What is False Consciousness?
When Kautsky Met Marx

Medieval History 

Homosexuality in Medieval Europe


The Internalisation of Abuse
The Politics of Trauma
Words Hurt People