This is an archive of blogs or scripts for videos I wrote between 2012 & 2015. For my latest work see blog posts.

Blogs on Anarchism

Introduction to Anarchism – Part 1 – Authority, Hierarchy, & Liberty

Introduction to Anarchism – Part 2 – Equality & Solidarity

Blogs on Philosophy

Is Positive Liberty Dangerious?

Blogs on Stefan Molyneux

Critique of Stefan Molyneux’s Arguments Against Determinism

Critique of Stefan Molyneux’s Arguments For Self-Ownership & Private Property

Blogs on Anarcho-Capitalism

A Critique of Rothbard’s Arguments For Self-Ownership

Anarchism Is More Than Anti-Statism

Anarcho-Capitalism & Child Sex Slavery

Anarcho-Capitalism & Ethical Consumerism

‘But Libertarian Socialism is Not Voluntary!’ – A Response

‘But If You Don’t Own Yourself, Then Who Does’ – A Response

‘But Wage Labour is Voluntary!’ – A Response

‘Do You Control Your Body’ – A Response

One Reason Why the N.A.P is Irrelevant

Self-Ownership & Voluntary Slavery

Self-Ownership Cannot Account for the Increased Freedom of A Slave

State & Corporate Property After The Anarcho-Capitalist Revolution

Voluntarism, Social Anarchism & Coercive Expropriation

Why Rothbard’s Argument Against Voluntary Slavery Fails