Anarcho-Capitalism & Ethical Consumerism

One of the things that annoys me the most about anarcho-capitalists (the list is very long) is how they say unethical behavior by business will be stopped by ethical consumers who are aware of what companies do. While at the same time being unethical consumers who are ignorant of what companies do and buy from unethical companies e.g they drink coca cola, wear nike shoes, buy nestle products, as these companies ‘provide a ‘good service’. They then have the audacity to say that sweat shops are great because if people didn’t work in the sweat shops they would work in even worse conditions, and so believe supporting these workplaces will improve the lives of the poor. 

Imagine what would occur in an anarcho-capitalist society? I can imagine them arguing  ‘if 5 year olds weren’t working 12 hours in poorly lit factories they’d be working 15 hours in even worse lit factories’. In fact they make these remarks about child labour in the industrial revolution, which some of them see as an age to model as it’s prior to the rise of full statism as they define it. 

In short the most unethical consumers say in their ideal society companies wouldn’t do bad things because of ethical consumers, who all believe in the same ideology that they do!


2 thoughts on “Anarcho-Capitalism & Ethical Consumerism

  1. Like many of the arguments of anarcho-capitalism it vastly underestimates the creativity of people to exploit systems. As if these companies will be honest. It’s utopian. In fact it’s even worse that utopian. Utopian visions argue that a utopia can be achieved. Free-market capitalists argue that the utopia already exists, it’s just stuff we do interferes with it.

    One of the biggest lies ever created is the one that imperial industrial globalisation (as it is) allows people to work less for more.

  2. Kids generally have to work in those evil sweatshops because otherwise the family would starve. These things happen in places with heavy government regulation and inflation. Do you think if they didn’t have to they’d be working under such pissy conditions and instead going to school?

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