My name is Zoe. I’m a libertarian communist youtuber. My political outlook is based on a combination of anarchism, Marxism and feminism.

I’m a trans woman (pronouns: she/they), disabled, dyslexic, and pansexual.

My main interests currently are the theory and history of anarchism and Marxism, the theory and practice of historic and contemporary attempts at abolishing systems of domination (capitalism, the state, white supremacy, cis-het patriarchy etc), prefigurative politics, and why/how social movements win/lose.

I’m especially interested in how social movements shape the individuals who participate in them e.g. you learn new modes of decision making, develop a sense of power/agency, or entirely change how you think about your gender/sexuality.

If you want to translate any of my work please do. Just make sure to credit me and include all my citations.