My name is Oscar. I make youtube videos and write blogs from a Libertarian Communist point of view.

I identify as an Anarcho-Syndicalist & a Platformist. I’m very influnced by anti-authoritarian Marxism and am sympathetic to, but do not fully endorse, Anarcho-Pacifism.

I’m 22, agender (pronouns he/they), disabled, dyslexic, and pansexual.

When I started Anarchopac as a 16 year old I mainly critiqued Anarcho-Capitalism & Stefan Molyneux. For an archive of these posts see here.

My main interests currently are the theory/history of anarchism & Marxism, the theory and practice of historic and contemporary attempts at abolishing systems of domination (capitalism, the state, white supremacy, cis-het patriarchy etc), prefigurative politics, and why/how social movements win/lose.

I’m especially interested in how social movements shape the individuals who participate in them e.g. you learn new modes of decision making, develop a sense of power/agency, or entirely change how you think about your gender/sexuality.

Finally, this is me with Trotsky (you can’t see me laughing).